A 2021 Guide to Choose the Right CBD Dosage for You

A 2021 Guide to Choose the Right CBD Dosage for You

Cannabis is becoming popular throughout the world. This plant contains two active ingredients, THC and CBD. According to studies, CBD has unique chemical properties like healing, calming, anti-inflammatory, and others, so this article mainly focuses on CBD.

CBD is a natural, active compound extracted from the cannabis Sativa. It is non-psychoactive that doesn’t make a high, unlike THC. There is a range of CBD products available on the market, including oils, tinctures, soaps, capsules, and many more. When it comes to CBD dosage, it varies depending on various factors such as your weight, age, medical history, and more.

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CBD – normal dose

The common CBD dose is 20mg to 40 mg per serving. Few people take a low dose of 1mg, while others use a higher dose of 100mg. Based on the product strength, this dose varies from few drops to mL. People even take 1 to 5 gummies or capsules per dose. The fact is, CBD dose differs from one person to another. You can find your ideal based on the factors like:

  • Tolerance to CBD
  • Condition severity
  • Weight and size
  • Body chemistry
  • Product potency

A perfect way to reach your sweet spot is to start with a low dose (like 1 to 2 mg) and increase it gradually by 2mg to 3mg per serving until it works for you.

CBD dose for anxiety

The best CBD dose for chronic stress or anxiety is from a moderate to higher range. People who experience anxiety require a low dosage, especially when they are sensitive to cannabidiol. Otherwise, most people can see improvement by taking moderate or a high dose based on their weight.

For effective results, use CBD early in the morning. Many people also take a mild dose called booster dose 30 -60 minutes before dealing with the works that trigger anxiety.

CBD dose for pain

The CBD dose for pain varies significantly. For pains like arthritis, PMS, back pain – take a moderate dosage. For severe pain like cancer and multiple sclerosis treatment pain, nerve pain higher dose is ideal. Few people feel the effects immediately, while others observe the results after a few weeks or days. For joint or arthritis pain, you can use topicals to experience quick relief.

How to calculate CBD dose by strength and weight?

  • High strength – 6 mg per 10 pounds (for 10 kg – 13mg)
  • Medium strength – 3 mg per 10 pounds (for 10 kg – 7mg)
  • Low strength – 1 mg per 10 pounds (for 10 kg – 2mg)

Remember, these measurements are in original CBD, not in CBD oil. CBD cannot show improvement overnight you have to wait for a few weeks or days.

Gather information on the stores that offer pure CBD products, choose the best one, and order today to add CBD to your daily routine and to get relief from your health conditions.