All You need to Know About Grandparent DNA Test

The grandparent DNA test is the best way to find out actual biological grandparents. Also, when the alleged parent is not available, it is an effective way to confirm. So, there can be many questions on your mind about this test. It is like any other DNA test, and the testing facility uses the grandparent DNA test kit. If both of the grandparents are present, it will result in an accurate finding. However, one can do too. Many DNA testing facilities promise results at an affordable rate. Not all use quality testing methods. Therefore, it is better to confirm their expertise and standing.

How to find a quality testing lab?

Looking for the best grandparent DNA test lab is not an easy task. You can Google DNA testing labs near me, but are these worth visiting? So, what you can do is check the services they offer. Most of the reliable labs will guide you on all the processes, costs, and requirements. The DNA testing between grandparent and grandchild is accurate when both grandparents are present. That is why a reputable lab will not perform the test using a single grandparent DNA sample. Therefore, you can confirm the authenticity of that lab near you. Some of the popular labs like PaternityUSA offer reliable grandparent DNA testing results.

You can also contact these labs and ask questions. Plus, you can check the prices. So, you can compare the services and costs for finding an affordable and quality lab. Most of these do take samples from home and protect your privacy. You can confirm this before using any of their services. It can be challenging to ask, but it will relieve you from the tension of finding a convincing result. If the mother’s sample is also present, it provides an inevitable outcome. Thus, you can submit both grandparent’s samples and the mother’s sample for best findings.

How accurate is the result?

The result of this test depends on the availability of both grandparents and the mother. If all three samples are possible, you can be sure that the result is inevitable. Therefore, it is best to submit all the samples. However, if you cannot, then as many as possible is the right way. You should remember that if all three DNA samples are not present, the result will not be 100% true. So, it can be that the result comes out negative, but actually, there is a relationship. It is because the father originates from the grandparent whose DNA sample is missing.


Finding a lab that uses a quality DNA test kit is vital. Also, it is best to submit both the grandparent’s samples with the mother’s. However, you can still perform the test if any grandparent is missing. The results can be misleading in this case, depending on the child’s father’s inherited DNA. So, you can look for affordable and quality testing labs near you. Most of the labs respect your privacy and can take samples from home. Plus, you can ask any inquiries that you might have.