Facts About Paper Bags – Know What Is The Better Choice?

Facts About Paper Bags – Know What Is The Better Choice?

Most people choose paper over plastic because plastic causes environmental issues like choking the oceans, polluting water, menacing wildlife, and more. Many people are not aware that paper bags are also not much safe as they think. The fact is paper will also cause damage to the planet, but differently.

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Facts About paper Bags

Not a better choice than plastic

A Paper bag seems to be eco-friendly, but they are not. Like plastic, paper bags also don’t shatter fast unless the conditions are ideal. So, they will remain in the landfills in the same way as plastic.

Moreover, paper bags are usually large, which means they need more space. Also, the recycling rate for paper bags is higher, and they require 4 times more energy than plastic. The raw material used for making paper comes from the trees. Plus, making these bags increases the waste and pollution on the planet.

In few cases, paper bags will dispose of easily than plastic. Also, they can be used only once or thrice, but they cannot hold all the items. It cannot be recycled if soaked in oil, milk, or other wet items, so you have to keep them away from those items. When it comes to reusable bags, they can withstand even after using thousand times.

Paper recycling process

The recycling process of paper is time-consuming. At first, paper is collected, sorted with a machine and hand, non-paper items are separated, washed, and turned to eliminate contaminants. Then, the paper is cleansed, poured, dried out, bleached, sliced, and wrapped up. Finally, the recycled material is sent to the companies to make new paper.

All these steps involve high energy use and high-end machines that release toxins into the water and air. If you consider recycling paper bags is safe, you must re-think it.

Better option

A reusable bag is the best alternative to plastic or paper bags because they are made from recycled or natural materials. It is essential to use the resources to make the best products. Everyone needs a bag, isn’t it? They serve various purposes such as shopping for groceries, packing clothes for trips, carrying a lunch box, and more.

You can find different types of reusable bags, including canvas bags, wine totes, insulated bags, laminated bags, grocery bags, and many others. You can carry these bags multiple times for many years. All you need to do is, wash the bag and carry it for grocery shopping, events, or even beaches whenever you need it. Also, you can customize these bags depending on your needs and preferences.

Whether you want to give them a freebie at your business event or with your product, reusable bags are an amazing choice. Many online stores offer top-quality reusable bags, choose the best one and order them today.