Smart Tricks To Clean The Waterhog Mat

Spring season can bring rains, so you need to protect the office floor from heavy coats, snow shovels, and wet weather. Rainy season makes it hassle-free for dirt, dust, and water from the slipper and shoes to track inside your shop or office. However, dirty tracks can spread around the office make it extra work for the employee to clean the floor. In addition, water can damage the wood and laminate floor. The waterhog mats are the best way to protect the floor and keeps dirt-free.

Benefits associated with the waterhog mat 

Many retail shops, offices, and other commercial places prefer to use the Waterhog mat due to its benefits. The followings are some benefits that you can gain by investing in a waterhog mat:

  • Security is important to benefit because it has an inbuilt water dam that consists of the higher volume of water. It traps the moisture first and scraps the dirt, making the mat an essential tool for business. The waterhog mat helps to prevent the workspace accident.
  • One more benefit of using the Waterhog mat is the multi-tasking mat. It not only traps moisture but also adds to the marketing effect. It is customized to fit all sizes of workspace and come in different colors.
  • The waterhog matsare simple to clean with the vacuum and store for future uses. It is secure to wash in the commercial washer that enhances its lifespan. This mat can easily roll up, which makes it popular for all weather conditions.
  • Besides, the mat is made up of quality material that offers long durability. You can use the mat in both indoor and outdoor places. It is ideal for all kinds of floors such as hardwood, carpet, ceramic, and others.

Waterhog mat cleaning tips 

If you have business in the wet weather area, you need to have the Waterhog floor mat at the entranceway. Water on the floor leads to cause accidents and injuries in the workspace. Therefore, it is important to use the right mat to reduce the injury in the workspace that eliminates unwanted costs. Here are some tips on how to clean waterhog mats:

  • You can clean the mat frequency based on the weather condition and foot traffic to prevent dust, sand, and inbuilt water.
  • Ensure that the equipment and machine is properly used that creates the best result. For example, many people try to vacuum at a lower speed to save energy and time. It helps to reduce the efficiency and keep the place clean.
  • It is important to check whether the cleaning tool is in good condition. You can replace the vacuum bag frequently if the brush or belt is working.
  • Before starting the cleaning job, you must look out the soil type. Many passes is important at the lower speed to get the most excellent result.

You can follow these tips to clean the mat quickly and effectively. In addition, regular cleaning of the mat increases its lifespan.