Common Toilet Problems Which Can Knock Your Door

Before getting to the repairing part, let’s get to know about your toilet. The toilet consists of two units, i.e., the bowl that stays on the floor and the upper tank, which contains the water that is flushed. Even though the bowl has no moving parts, it is more than just a solid piece of porcelain fixture.

A tank of the toilet is the home to two important valves. This is also the site for most of the toilet repairs. It is too much surprise to a majority of people that a majority of toilet repairs can be done without calling for an expert. With that being said, there are a few repairs that inevitably require a professional.

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Commons issues with toilet

Here is a list of few toilet issues which you can fix yourself:

1- Replacing a ballock- there are several designs of refill valves and the older one is called a ballcock. It refers to the hollow floating ball. There are two types of ballcocks, one the plunger-type and two, the diaphragm, type. Both of them have a bloating ball that operates by a long-attached arm.

If the flush is running even after the cycle is complete, it can be fixed by bending the float arm downwards. This shuts the water in the tank at a lower level.

2- Repairing the flush valve- the next major part is the flush valve. This can be found at the centre of the tank. It functions by a rubber or a flapper ball. When the tank is empty, the ball falls down and thus, blocks the draining of water. There is also an overflow tube that is integrated with the flush valve. Its function is to prevent water from overflow.

Placing a little refill tube above the overflow tube permits a little amount of water to run down into the mixing bowl during the fill up cycle.

3- Fixing a running toilet- it is very annoying to find a constantly running toilet. However, it is easy too. This issue arises when the flapper is not seated correctly or if the water level is too high. The refill valve can be easily adjusted and if the flapper valve is the location of the problem, you can replace it.


Your toilet, just like the rest of areas in the house, requires attention and care. Common issues may arise and if you do not know how to solve them, it is best to call an expert.