Tips to choose best moving company

Tips to choose best moving company

  1. Check They Take a Moving Stock

A reputable moving company will take inventory of everything and figure out the bulk weight.

Your estimator will examine all of your storage areas, including bookcases garages drawers. Movers use the greatest weight to calculate their price.

The mover will need to assess how much space your items take up in a truck, and how many trucks it might require. Your estimate should be accurate and the mover will break it down for your benefit.

  1. Make sure they do a thorough Walk-Through

A moving company that only does a quick inspection of your items won’t give them the time and attention they deserve. As above, a professional mover will inspect your belongings and then ask you questions about your move.

They want to know how your new house layout will work. Will you pack so the movers can put the boxes in the right places? Those are their requirements.

Movers want to know both the items that you’re moving and those that aren’t. Include whether you’re going to throw out, donate, or leave them behind.

  1. A Huge Deposit is not necessary

You might be asked to deposit money by unreliable or less reputable moving companies. Trustworthy movers won’t ask for any cash upfront, or large deposits before moving.

Cash should only be given to the seller when your items are delivered to the house. You cannot control the time or if your items will return if you do not pay in advance. This will protect you from fraudulent acts.

  1. Avoid Companies that Change Their Names

Some companies dodge a Better Business Bureau assessment through trading under multiple names. It is best that you choose local moving firms with a local address.

Inspect whether they have a permit to operate in the state you live in and verify their insurance coverage. Employees should call the number with their complete business name. The state and federal licensing numbers for this name as well any other used by the company are available.

  1. Look at References and Review

Ask any movers you meet to provide references from satisfied customers. They should refer you directly to any local references that have moved in the last 3 years for exact information.

  1. Avoid Packing Costs

Moving and storage companies typically won’t be responsible for any damage done by anyone if they are packing themselves. This is true both for long-distance or local moving companies.

You may have to pay higher packing costs if you ask them to pack. It is also important to consider the labor and extra time needed for packing.

  1. Beware of Hidden Charges

A narrow street might prevent the moving van from reaching your residence. For a smaller truck to be transferred to the larger truck, there will be an additional charge.

Before you hire a moving company, ask them what their services are and what their charges are. Let them know about your personal properties and their specific needs. A professional mover will explain what additional fees will apply and what they will charge.

  1. You shouldn’t sign a blank contract

Signing a blank contract is not advisable. It should outline the price, additional fees, and pick-up/delivery days. Check it out and confirm that these are the terms you signed.

Verify that the item inventory matches yours. You shouldn’t be surprised if an item isn’t in the inventory when the driver leaves. You cannot claim anything not on that list.

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