How To Avoid Common Mistakes In Website Design

In today’s technologically-based world, you need to have a website if you have a business.

You need to make sure your website is as good as possible. Your website must be engaging and invite visitors to build trust and desire to connect with you.

Continue reading to find out the most common mistakes in website design before you create your website.

1. Get Busy with Graphics

Visitors can become confused if there is too much information on one page. Your page should look well-organized, but it is difficult to achieve this with so many themes, images, or colors.

Make your website simpler and start communicating with customers.

2. No call to action

It is important to have a call-to-action, or CTA because it informs your visitors what they should do next.

Visitors are potential customers. You want them to be able to take the next steps and know how to get there. If your CTA says “Contact us”, and visitors can’t find your contact pages, there is likely a problem.

It’s worse to not have a CTA because your visitor will lose interest and could go to a competitor thanks for the knowledge. Your CTA should be clear and concise, but it should also be helpful for both you and your consumer.

3. Images of poor quality

Images and graphics are essential for your web design. They can convey a message better than text.

Images that aren’t relevant to your business, or of low quality, are not recommended. Choose images that are professional looking and fit the page.

4. No Mobile Conversion

Mobile-friendly websites are essential in today’s digital age. People love to be able to access your website from their phones.

This is where the function of your website design matters, as most web traffic comes from mobile devices.

If customers don’t like what your website offers, they may move on to a better site.

5. Incorrect Contact Information

Imagine that you are a customer who wants to reach out to someone but is unable to find the information you require. Is it more likely that you spend too much time looking or get frustrated and leave the site?

This is when someone decides to use your services but can’t find the right way to contact you.

Your website design should include links to contact pages or your contact information at each page’s bottom.

6. Distracting advertising

Advertisement is essential, but it does not have to overwhelm your website. Flashy ads that distract from your site are not a good idea.

You should pay attention to the ads you host and if you feel they are bothering you, they will do the same to anyone visiting your site.

Pop-ups should be easy to close and not take up too much screen space.

Avoid these Website Design Mistakes

These mistakes can be avoided and you will have a successful website. Get in touch today to our website design Denver team and learn how we can help your company succeed.