The Importance Of Vacation Rental Hospitality

For years, the vacation rental sector has been altering the way people holiday and providing tourists with a more personalized vacation experience in a welcoming and roomy rental house rather than the limits of a hotel room.

The past year has witnessed a significant move not just in traveler patterns but also in the function of vacation rental property management. It’s been a difficult year of adapting to new standards, keeping up with shifting travel preferences and introducing new technology to stay competitive. Guest expectations for the property and service level are higher than ever. Higher cleanliness standards, new contactless services, and clear guest communication all provide your visitors with the extra peace of mind and five-star hospitality experience they require in the middle of a pandemic.

The Function Of The Vacation Rental Property Manager

As customers seek a unique tailor-made experience rather than just a Key West fl rental, there has been a clear identity change from property management to hospitality provider. Hospitality is critical to a positive visitor experience, and property managers are looking for new ways to interact with their guests, be inventive with their offerings, and capitalize on emerging travel trends and guest behaviors.

A VIP experience is no longer limited to premium vacation properties. Recent studies demonstrate that tourists are willing to spend a little more for improved cleaning methods, more amenities, and a safe, socially distant stay. Offering your visitors hospitality services such as contactless check-in, food delivery, free tours and activities, airport transportation, complimentary beach gear, a 24/7 virtual concierge, in-house massage, or a personal chef are easy yet imaginative ways to demonstrate your guest’s hospitality.

Guest Communication Is Essential

Communicating with visitors has never been more crucial, and automating your guest conversations is essential! Guests want further confidence that their stay in your destination and your house is safe and secure, with flexible cancellation procedures if they need to cancel at the last minute. According to research, text messaging has open rates as high as 98 percent and reaction rates as fast as 90 seconds on average. Texting options that interface with your PMS allow you to successfully interact with guests during the booking process, deliver local COVID-19 updates before arrival, and contact your guests where they are, on their cell phones!

A Creative And Customized Concierge

Once your visitors have checked in, providing your houses with tailored voice assistance is the way to go for effective, intelligent, and hands-free guest contact that elevates the guest experience!

COVID-19 has supported and expedited the deployment of voice technologies. As working from home became the new standard, the use of smart speaker devices surged.

In comparison to welcome tablets and mounted TVs, voice-based solutions have the potential for a great engagement at a cheap cost.

Guests can summon a personal concierge at any time. Calls to the office and emergency after-hours numbers are decreased, and visitors can arrange their own holiday experience with ease.