Best mattresses 2022

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best mattresses 2022 for you. Some of the factors include size, firmness, and type. You can find mattresses in a variety of sizes and densities to fit your needs. Some best mattresses are also designed with special features, like contouring or cooling technology, that make them more comfortable or beneficial.


Waterhog Floor Mats Are A Popular Option Among Companies

The WaterHog Eco Premier, which is widely used in business organizations, offers several benefits. When consumers visit your company, you will make an indelible impression on them. These entrance mats will assist you in projecting a favorable image for yourself and your business while also keeping your institution clean.

They come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and forms. Many firms also provide custom-made designs that you may use to create your own.

Here are some of the characteristics that make Waterhog Inlay Logo Mat so popular.

They  Are Long-Lasting

Floor mats should be long-lasting. Waterhog is the only floor mat that can stand up to the weather. They are an ideal alternative for entrances when the large amount of people entering and departing the facility tracks much of the moisture and debris inside the institution.

WaterHog Eco Premier can be constructed of high-quality polypropylene fabric. There is no need to be concerned about this cloth drying out. This all-weather cloth is resistant to crushing and will last for many years. It is also eco-friendly, making it a superior investment for any firm.

They Are Quite Effective

The ingenious waffle shape with reinforced bi-level rubber nubs eliminates dirt and other debris from the shoes of visitors to your restaurant. This pattern collects all trash beneath the surface of your mat, making it look clean and appealing to those who visit.

The rubber borders of the mat catch water below them, preventing them from seeming sloppy or damp during bad weather. Water and dirt are kept off the floor thanks to the rubber backing. They also protect rugs from sliding around on the floor. This enables you to maintain a professional business image that provides a favorable first impression on your consumers.

They Are Simple To Clean

Cleaning the WaterHog Eco Premier is simple. Vacuuming up dirt and debris is simple. Steam cleaning is another technique for restoring the mat’s natural brilliance. Proper cleaning can extend the life of your mats and ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

A WaterHog Eco Premier is an excellent solution to create a relaxing atmosphere while also protecting your flooring. They are also safer for your establishment’s visitors and last a long time. They are a terrific business decision and an excellent investment.

Avoid Slips And Falls By Protecting Your Floors

Safety floor mats are installed to safeguard your floors and aid in the prevention of slip-and-fall incidents. These kinds of incidents are not only hazardous to the company owner, but they may also result in major damage and agony. It is your responsibility to safeguard the safety of your visitors, staff, and guests. Purchasing the best floor mats, such as WaterHog mats, is a good investment.

Non-slip mats can help your business prepare for spring. Our extensive selection of mats provides company owners with several possibilities. Our specialists may also collaborate with them to ensure you receive exactly what you need. We also provide facilities management to keep your establishment clean and friendly.


Major Advantages Of A Working At Height Course

There is one issue that you will almost certainly encounter, regardless of whether you work in construction, plan to work in this industry or run a construction company: height. Most people find it uncomfortable to work in the construction industry because of their height. If so, you will not be given the job opportunity. The good news is that you may also receive practical training to work at heights; there are courses available to teach you how to comfortably operate at heights.

The Following Are The Top Advantages Of Taking This Course:

1. Decreases Accident Risk

Injury is one of the biggest dangers of working at heights. Accidents at work may harm a firm in addition to harming the affected employees. If negligence is discovered in this situation, the employer may in some situations be held liable. However, you may train yourself or your staff to be safe at heights with the right working at heights course training.

2. It Raises Employee Morale

Every time a project is completed successfully, the team’s morale is raised. Only when the personnel feel assured and enjoys their work. When you ensure that your staff has undergone this training, your company will profit.

3. Promotes Safety Culture

Working at heights course aids in fostering a culture of safety on the job site. People learn how to act safely and effectively at heights and that doing so is not something to be taken lightly. When employees receive enough training, they will recognize that a person’s health and safety come first and understand how to be safe when performing work at height.

In this system, everyone observes safety, and coworkers also watch out for one another. When there is a safety culture at work, you can be confident that everyone will prioritize safety and take every precaution to avoid engaging in harmful practices.

4. Reduces The Cost Of Insurance

One of the finest things you can do to reduce the cost of your insurance is to enroll in a working at heights course. Having the appropriate training demonstrates your commitment to safety. In the long run, this could help you save money by lowering your premiums. Therefore, think about enrolling in the working at heights course if you’re looking for strategies to reduce the cost of your insurance. You might be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year by doing this.

Finish Your Training

Numerous factors should never be overlooked when operating at heights. If you enroll in training, you will learn how to safely reach mobile towers via a ladder, low-level access point, etc. Whether you are working on the ground or at a height, there is always risk involved at such working sites, thus you can be sure that training is provided when it comes to working at heights. This helps you realize the value of safety in all aspects of your life, not simply working safely at heights.

Therefore, be sure to keep the aforementioned advice in mind to ensure that you get the finest outcomes overall. It can be very challenging to develop the proper attitude toward safety at times, so it’s critical to seek out expert assistance in this area. It would be challenging for you to comprehend the significance of safety in this situation if you are not professionally taught. To make the most of your training course, be sure to keep these extremely important factors in mind.


In the end, attending working at heights courses can be quite helpful whether you’re trying to improve yourself in your line of work or working at heights. This is the reason you should think about enrolling in this course before applying for employment requiring working at heights. This blog post should be helpful to you, we hope.


What Do You Do If Detox Is Not Enough

It is an amazing achievement to be sober after alcohol addiction. It can be difficult to stay sober after an addiction. Detoxing from alcohol does not suffice. Old habits can influence or even cause a relapse and lead to a return of old behaviors. Some people deal with relapsing in a recurring manner.

If you’re looking for a detox treatment that is going to work, you may want to consider using the services of a holistic health professional. A holistic health professional will use a variety of treatments, including detox, to help you get your body working in the best possible way.

Get Aggressive

After detox, one helpful way to manage your urge to drink is to enroll in an Intensive Outpatient Program. A comprehensive outpatient program is a structured schedule that will provide you with support and guidance throughout your recovery process. These can include individual and group therapy. This program will cover skills that can be used to prevent relapse and how to manage urges and yearnings. It also covers post-acute withdrawal syndrome, spirituality, and co-occurring disorder.

Group therapy is offered in Intensive Offpatient treatment. A group can be helpful in many aspects of life, including providing support and helping develop communication and socialization skills. Many groups go beyond interaction and can teach life skills and structural information.

Outpatient treatment has another advantage: it builds resilience. Individuals and those who help them can see how a treatment program works, as well as their triggers. As they use the skills they have learned and rely on the support received in their daytime treatment, individuals can accurately assess how their coping abilities are progressing.

Examine Yourself & Your Lifestyle Choices

The best way to help maintain long-term sobriety is through therapy. The Intensive Outpatient program includes both individual and group therapy. However, the main focus of the program is on the daily behaviors and patterns that lead to alcohol consumption and the consequences. The program also offers therapy for complex or long-standing issues. Therapy can often address issues such as childhood issues, long-standing triggers, emotional problems, and conscious or subconscious ideas you might have had throughout your life.

CBT, DBT, and EMDR are three of the most effective therapies for substance abuse. CBT (or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) focuses on replacing destructive or maladaptive thoughts with more positive ones. DBT (or Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy) focuses on controlling emotions and the behavior that results from them. EMDR (or Eye movement Desensitization & Reprocessing) helps clients to deal with trauma. It involves discussing the issue and engaging them in eye movements, taps, and tones.


Aftercare is very important. This is usually after an Outpatient Program or Intensive Outpatient Program, but sometimes it occurs immediately after detox. This stage includes therapy, AA meetings, therapy, and meeting with a sponsor. These plans and supports will help you manage your urges and discourage relapse. These plans will help you identify and overcome old and new triggers. They will also strengthen your self-discipline and provide enough structure to help resist temptations.

Life can be alcohol-free with the right support, attention, and effort. Do not hesitate to contact your support network if you feel at risk of relapsing. There will be temptations and difficulties. There is always someone to help you when times are tough. You will always find someone to help you succeed.


How Can Rubbing Potatoes On Your Skin Improve Skin Health?

Eating potatoes can help to get some of your essential nutrients, including vitamin C and potassium. But are there any other benefits?

People have claimed that raw potatoes or vegetable juice can be used to treat a wide range of skin conditions from acne to hyperpigmentation. These claims are not supported by clinical evidence.

Can You Use Potatoes For Skin Lightening?

A skin-bleaching enzyme called catecholase is claimed to help potatoes lighten dark spots that are related to sunspots, freckles, and melasma.

These “remedies” are made from raw potatoes that have been mixed with other acidic ingredients, such as yogurt or lemon juice, to create a lightening facial mask. But, clinical evidence is not available to show that potatoes’ catecholase can lighten your skin.

Can Potato On Your Face Treat Acne?

Skin inflammation may cause acne. Cytokines could also play a role in skin inflammation. A study showed that potato skin extracts may have anti-inflammatory properties.

However, before you begin rubbing potatoes on your skin, it is important to know that there are no human studies that have supported the use of potatoes for such effects.

Are there any health benefits to wearing a potato-based face mask?

Apart from potential skin inflammation effects, there’s not much scientific evidence to support the use of potatoes on your skin.

It is believed that using a potato face mask can reduce wrinkles, improve skin glow, and help with hyperpigmentation.

However, most of these effects are only anecdotal.

Is Eating Potatoes Good For Your Skin?

Potatoes can be a good source of potassium and fat-free root veggies.

  • potassium
  • vitamin C
  • iron
  • vitamin B-6

Although potatoes contain fiber (one medium potato has approximately 2.5 grams, potatoes are starchy foods and should not be eaten in excess. This is especially true for those who have been recommended by their doctor to eat a low glycemic or a low carbohydrate diet.

You have to cook potatoes in a way that is not harmful to your health. Baking potatoes are perhaps the most efficient way to cook them.

Fried potatoes should be enjoyed only occasionally. Fried foods do not cause skin problems directly, but they can lead to increased inflammation of the skin if eaten over healthier foods.

While eating potatoes won’t always benefit your skin, it can be beneficial to include healthy plant foods such as baked potatoes.


There are many skin care crazes, and one that seems to be catching on is rubbing raw potatoes on your skin. It’s okay to eat raw potatoes and juice in moderation. It can reduce hyperpigmentation or improves inflammation.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your skin health, you might want to try rubbing potatoes on your skin. Potatoes are high in antioxidants and other nutrients that can help improve the look and feel of your skin. They also contain natural oils that can moisturize and protect your skin. Simply mash some potatoes and rub them into your skin before going to bed. This will help improve the appearance of your skin and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Consult your dermatologist if you have concerns regarding skin aging or want to remove scarring and acne. They will be able to direct you in the right direction for treatments that are clinically proven successful.


The Importance Of Vacation Rental Hospitality

For years, the vacation rental sector has been altering the way people holiday and providing tourists with a more personalized vacation experience in a welcoming and roomy rental house rather than the limits of a hotel room.

The past year has witnessed a significant move not just in traveler patterns but also in the function of vacation rental property management. It’s been a difficult year of adapting to new standards, keeping up with shifting travel preferences and introducing new technology to stay competitive. Guest expectations for the property and service level are higher than ever. Higher cleanliness standards, new contactless services, and clear guest communication all provide your visitors with the extra peace of mind and five-star hospitality experience they require in the middle of a pandemic.

The Function Of The Vacation Rental Property Manager

As customers seek a unique tailor-made experience rather than just a Key West fl rental, there has been a clear identity change from property management to hospitality provider. Hospitality is critical to a positive visitor experience, and property managers are looking for new ways to interact with their guests, be inventive with their offerings, and capitalize on emerging travel trends and guest behaviors.

A VIP experience is no longer limited to premium vacation properties. Recent studies demonstrate that tourists are willing to spend a little more for improved cleaning methods, more amenities, and a safe, socially distant stay. Offering your visitors hospitality services such as contactless check-in, food delivery, free tours and activities, airport transportation, complimentary beach gear, a 24/7 virtual concierge, in-house massage, or a personal chef are easy yet imaginative ways to demonstrate your guest’s hospitality.

Guest Communication Is Essential

Communicating with visitors has never been more crucial, and automating your guest conversations is essential! Guests want further confidence that their stay in your destination and your house is safe and secure, with flexible cancellation procedures if they need to cancel at the last minute. According to research, text messaging has open rates as high as 98 percent and reaction rates as fast as 90 seconds on average. Texting options that interface with your PMS allow you to successfully interact with guests during the booking process, deliver local COVID-19 updates before arrival, and contact your guests where they are, on their cell phones!

A Creative And Customized Concierge

Once your visitors have checked in, providing your houses with tailored voice assistance is the way to go for effective, intelligent, and hands-free guest contact that elevates the guest experience!

COVID-19 has supported and expedited the deployment of voice technologies. As working from home became the new standard, the use of smart speaker devices surged.

In comparison to welcome tablets and mounted TVs, voice-based solutions have the potential for a great engagement at a cheap cost.

Guests can summon a personal concierge at any time. Calls to the office and emergency after-hours numbers are decreased, and visitors can arrange their own holiday experience with ease.


4 Benefits Of Smoking CBD Flower

You may have already read about the health benefits of CBD. As of writing, it is the second most used cannabinoids. Some companies make explicit medical claims regarding CBD’s benefits. In this article, we won’t make any claims regarding medical benefits. Instead, we’ll be talking about smoking CBD flowers, a tried and tested method of ingestion.

The 4 Best Benefits of Smoking CBD flower

1. CBD Bioavailability Increases By Smoking

Bioavailability — “The ability of a medication or other substance to be absorbed and used in the body.”

CBD flower smoking increases CBD’s bioavailability. A report found that around 50% of CBD smoke makes its way into your bloodstream. This compares to only 5% of CBD you eat.

Why? Edible Cannabis CBD doesn’t absorb as well into your bloodstream through your digestive system as vaporized CBD.

2. CBD Smoking Is Faster Than Other Methods

One of the best benefits of smoking CBD is its rapid entry into your bloodstream. Vaporized CBD can be inhaled almost instantly and comes in contact immediately with your lung tissue.

Some studies suggest CBD levels in the bloodstream will rise three minutes after smoking. This compares to which can take up to three hours if eaten.

Since smoking CBD is the fastest and most efficient way to consume and metabolize CBD it makes sense that it will be processed and eliminated faster by your body than any other method.

3. The Cost Of Smoking CBD Is Lower Than Other Methods

CBD flower is relatively easy to process compared with edibles, oils, and topical. That makes it one of the most attractive benefits of CBD smoking.

You can get the most CBD per dollar by purchasing hemp flowers. CBD flower is available from many hemp farms. It requires little to no special equipment, can be stored easily, and is easy to ship.

You can find CBD at an affordable price on our website Tweedle Farms CBD Flower is a great choice if you’re looking for the best CBD.

4. Smoking Cbd Flowers Offers Full-Spectrum Health Benefits

You may have noticed that some CBD products are labeled either “full-spectrum” or “broad spectrum.” These labels indicate whether or otherwise, the product contains any cannabinoids.

Full-spectrum CBD products contain only traces amounts of THC.

Broad-spectrum CBD products contain CBD products with only the THC removed. You can still find the other 100+ cannabinoids found in hemp plants.

Smoking CBD flower means you are consuming full-spectrum CBD. It is widely believed that this is the best method to consume CBD.

Why? THC And CBD Are Two Different Things

THC (or marijuana) is the cannabinoids found at high levels in some cannabis plants. It’s responsible for the psychoactive high experienced by users of medicinal and recreational marijuana.

Some CBD-infused flowers are available today with high levels of THC, which is the precursor to delta-9, and compliant levels of delta-9 THC. THC can be converted into delta-9 THC by smoking. This strain of hemp flower is a loophole and can make you feel intoxicated. If you are looking for CBD cannabis that won’t get you high then make sure to check the certificate. The third-party lab document should show you the amount of THC and CBD in the flower.

What Is The Difference Between CBD Flower & Marijuana?

THC marijuana and CBD hemp flowers look, taste, and smell alike. This is because there’s a reason. To create the CBD strains we love, high-yielding THC cannabis strains were used.

However, this distinction is very important. CBD flowers must not exceed 0.3% THC by dry weight to be classed as industrial hemp.  


Cbd Gummies Dosage. How Many Cbd Gummies Can I Eat?

CBD can be taken by mouth through edibles such as cannabis gummy bears. CBD gummies typically contain CBD oil infusions. Sweeteners, flavorings, flavorings, as well other types of extracts. Lipophilic cannabis can be dissolved in fat and can be added to almost any food.

CBD Gummies can come in different flavors, CBD concentrations, or formulations. There is no one right dosage. CBD gummies are designed to maximize the effectiveness of CBD. They must take into account the body’s tolerance to cannabis, potency, body mass, metabolism, the problem being treated, the intensity of the condition, desired result, and individual body chemical makeup.

Factors That Affect The Right CBD Dosage

How many cbd gummies  a person should take is depend on some factors and that are:

 Body Weight

Just like with alcohol and other drugs, CBD’s recommended dosage is determined according to your body weight. It’s an indicator of how well your body processes chemicals. To determine your initial dose, use your body weight. Adjust it as necessary.

If you are introducing CBD into your body for the first time, it’s a good idea to follow the rule. Titration is when you begin with a low dose of CBD and gradually increase the dose over time. Experts recommend it for medical cannabis users as it lowers the likelihood of overdosing or the body reacting too strongly to the drug.

Desired Effect

Why should you use CBD? What outcome are you trying to achieve? The recommended dosage ranges from 5 to 15. Higher doses are required for those seeking more powerful effects. To maintain healthy levels, a large number of people use CBD on a daily base in small doses. Others use CBD to get sleep at night, while others consume CBD in the morning as a way to boost their focus to tackle their day.

Chemical Composition

CBD’s effect on the body is highly dependent upon your body. This means that a CBD dose that works for one person may not be effective for another. Every individual is different and reacts differently to chemical substances. Finding the right dosage is difficult because everyone reacts differently to chemicals. CBD can cause mild side effects, regardless of its safety. If you feel something’s wrong, you should stop using CBD immediately and consult a medical professional.

Cbd Dosage Tip

To find what works best for YOU, experiment. There is no optimal dosage. Each individual reacts to different doses. The dosage that is right for you depends on your health, as well as your body’s chemistry.

Unless your doctor suggests a particular dose, you can begin with 10 to 20mg per day. It is best to take this dose for one week to ensure that it is well tolerated. If the target dose is not being met, you may increase it by 5mg per day until it becomes effective.

Listen To Your Body

You should continue to pay attention to your body’s natural rhythms. You can adjust your mind or body if you feel that something needs to change.

Final Thoughts On Finding The Perfect Dose Of CBD Gums

No one CBD dose works well for everyone. Further research is needed to determine which CBD dosages are best for each individual.

These dosage guidelines are good for some conditions. But, it is important to remember that they are only guidelines and not the only way to CBD dose.

Begin by taking a very low dose. Gradually increase your dosage. Expert advice can be obtained from a doctor who is familiar with CBD.


Swamp Cooler Vs. Evaporative Cooler: What’s The Difference?

A swamp cooler or evaporative cool can make a big difference when it comes to summer heat. Many people are curious about the differences between a swamp and an evaporative cooling system.

Swamp cooler or evaporative? What’s the difference between them? The main difference between a swamp and evaporative coolers is the size. “Swamp cooler” is usually used to describe an entire house evaporative cooling system, while “evaporative” can refer to any size of the evaporative unit, even portable. We’ll show you everything you need about evaporative coolers and the differences they make.

Swamp Coolers Or Evaporative Coolers

There are likely to be preconceived notions you have about swamp cooler vs evaporative cooler. You may be familiar with the common use of the terms “swamp cooler” and ‘evaporative cooler”. This is true.

What’s the actual difference between evaporative and Swamp Coolers? Why is it that the terms are used interchangeably? It’s really easy to understand.

What Is The Main Difference?

Swamp coolers & evaporative coolers are often interchangeable.Although nobody knows the origin of the term “swamp cooler”, it has been described as a colloquial term that refers to a standard evaporative cooling unit. Swamp coolers are evaporative coolers – they have only one main difference.

Swamp Coolers Vs Evaporative Coolers Have Only One Difference: Their Size.

If people talk about swamp coolers they are likely to be referring to an entire house evaporative coolant unit. On the other hand, evaporative coolers can be small or portable.

Swamp coolers tend to be large and powerful enough that they can cool down large areas or entire houses. Evaporative coolers, on the other hand, are more likely to cool one area or room at a time.

Swamp Coolers are often referred to as industrial evaporative coolers, which can cool down large spaces like warehouses and car shops.

It’s important to note that both “swamp cooling” and the “evaporative cooling” terms are interchangeable to many people. If you’re looking to purchase them or discussing them, it may be worth investigating more details to see which one is being used.

Luckily, you are now well-informed enough to understand the main differences.

So How Does Evaporative Cooling And Swamp Cooling Work?

While you may think swamp coolers/evaporative cooling is the same thing as air conditioning they work differently and serve different purposes.

Swamp coolers as well as evaporative coolers and air conditioning can all cool down a room. However evaporative chillers use only water and a fan to do this, instead of using refrigerant or a compressor to extract heat out of the air (like the air conditioners).

Water evaporation, a naturally occurring process, cools the surrounding areas as the water evaporates into the air. With water and a fan, swamp coolers or evaporative coolers harness this process.

One way to explain water evaporation is to imagine how you feel after you leave a pool on a hot summer’s day. Even though you were comfortable in the water, and it is hot outside, you still feel cold when the water evaporates.The same concept applies to swamp coolers as evaporative coolers.

Evaporative coolers, and swamp coolers both have large interior cooling pads. The built-in fan draws the cool, dry air across the cooling pad as the water soaks in. The water evaporates rapidly, and colder air is distributed around the room.


How Much Time Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In?

Edibles (cannabidiol-based food products) are edibles. They come in many distinct forms, from gummies to brownies, and include either one or both of marijuana’s active ingredients: THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol).

Edibles are getting more popular as a result of legalizing marijuana. CBD-only edibles were even found to help address chronic pain and anxiety. Edibles have a distinct advantage over smoking pot.

The edible experience is more different than other cannabis products. The “high” you get from edibles can be more intense than what you get from smoking and may last longer.

While edibles can take more time to kick in than smoking or vaping marijuana, many factors play a role in the timing.

Keep reading to learn all about edibles.

What Time Does It Take For Edibles To Kick In?

It usually takes around 30 to 60 minutes for edibles to kick. However, many factors can influence the onset time.

It all depends upon the active ingredients of the product. THC products that contain high concentrations or high dosages could have a faster effect.

CBD-only edibles can not be considered psychoactive. They don’t have the psychoactive effects of THC-infused edibles. Therefore, it might be more difficult to recognize when CBD products have started taking effect.

How Long Does Food Last?

An edible high generally lasts longer than smoking or vaping. It can last 6-8 hours.

Peak blood THC levels can be found around three to four hours after administration of edibles. This is when you will feel the strongest effects.

As with the onset of an edible high, its duration is affected by a number of factors, including strength and dosage. The product that is chewed and swallowed can give you a longer-lasting high than products that are absorbed orally.

Longevity can also be affected depending on individual factors, like metabolism, weight, or tolerance.

Common Forms

You can find many types of edibles online, and new products are being constantly introduced to the market.

Some common edibles are:

Baked good brownies. Cookies. Biscuits. Waffles.

Sweets and candy: gummies. Lozenges. lollipops. Hard candy. Chocolate, truffles. Fruit bars. Marshmallows.

Beverages coffee, tea and iced coffee, soda, energy drinks, shots, beer, wine, or alcohol

Additional products: jerky (butter, sugar, and syrups).

How Much Should Take?

In certain cases, however, the manufacturer may indicate the THC/CBD contents of the entire package. As an example, a package might have 100 mg THC. If there are 10 gummies in the package, then that is 10 mg per gummy.

This can lead to confusion when it comes to food items like brownies or cookies. In some cases, it could mean that a single portion corresponds to a fraction.

Delicious Benefits Of Edibles

These edibles are infused with cannabis and have distinct advantages over smoking. These include:

No risk to the lungs. It contains carcinogens. Furthermore, regular cannabis smoke is respiratory problems like asthma and inflammation of the lungs. Edibles don’t involve inhaling cannabis smoke or burning it.

Longer duration. It lasts longer than smoking and vaping. This makes edibles ideal for those who are looking for long-lasting relief.

Accessible. Eating edibles doesn’t require you to leave the house. For those who are not able to smoke, edible products might be easier to consume.

Discreet. Similar to medication, it is possible to make edibles and not have others notice. The smell of edibles is not associated with smoking. This could be beneficial for those who use pot for medicinal purposes and have to take it while working.