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Except that we have brought it to your attention, so there won’t be any shocks. Please keep the following things in mind while you are writing for Jimmec.com :

  • Each contributor is permitted to insert one link to non-gated content that they own in the main body of the article. In the author bio, contributors may include a maximum of two links to their websites. (Bios are 2-3 sentences.)
  • Jimmec.com  has the right to modify any content you submit to ensure it adheres to our writing standards. Be prepared for a lot of strategic changes, but rest assured that we want to keep your voice intact.
  • The rights to any material that is published on Jimmec.com ‘s platform are owned by Jimmec.com . Jimmec.com  has the right to repurpose, republish, alter, or remove donated content at any moment at its sole discretion.
  • If you write content for us, we ask that you not repost that content anywhere else online.

Please conduct yourself in a businesslike manner. The following behavior of any kind will not be permitted under any circumstances:

  1. Plagiarism, including instances of self-plagiarism
  2. Mentioning or connecting to customers for whom you provide labor in exchange for compensation, or failing to disclose your relationship with a client who is mentioned in your post, is unethical. (The takeaway here is that you are required to let us know if any of the clients or customers you work with are referenced in your post.)
  3. Promotional strategies that raise eyebrows to increase traffic to your submitted post

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